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At Ox & Owl Literacy, we try to hide treasures in every nook and cranny to inspire the imagination and heart because we want to spark joy in the learning process. We aim to provide informative, practical, and engaging content about early childhood development and literacy for parents and educators of young children. We are especially passionate about creating strong and confident readers who love books!

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Did You Know?

Reading aloud stimulates the development of neural pathways in the brain.

These new neural connections, improve a child’s ability to understand language and process information.

Food for Thought

If stories act like mirrors and windows, how does this change your thoughts about the stories you choose?

Reflect on how these stories can resonate with your little learner’s experiences and offer glimpses into other worlds and perspectives.

Graphics showing examples of syllable and compound word activities available in the bundle.


  • Syllable Division Strips & Which One Doesn’t Belong (WODB) Syllable Strips
  • Syllable & Compound Word Four in a Row Boardgames
  • Syllable Division Bingo Dauber Worksheets
  • 18 Syllable & 24 Compound Word Playing Cards
  • Syllable & Compound word Mini Cards (can be turned into magnets)
  • Syllable Bingo Two-Ways
  • Syllable cheat sheet
  • Ideas and Instructions for How to Use These Syllable & Compound Word Printables

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the love of language and story

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